Joe’s father was Texas’ last Congressman-at-Large for the whole state. Congressman Joe worked to bring Texans many important parts of our heritage, including Guadalupe Peak National Park and the South Padre National Seashore.  Joe Pool Lake in Dallas is named in his honor. Congressman Joe taught his son that the most honorable thing a man can do is public service, and after Obama’s election, Joe heard his calling.  In 2012 Joe ran for Supreme Court and despite being heavily outspent he took 29% of the vote in a three-way race, barely missing the runoff. He then endorsed the non-incumbent, John Devine, and traveled the state on his own dollar to help ensure that Texas received the Devine intervention it needed. As Andrew Jackson once said, “Our rights are merely a bubble unless upheld by an independent and virtuous judiciary.” Joe believes the key to economic and social prosperity for all Texans is a fair and impartial judiciary, and knows that the jury is the pillar upon which our judiciary stands.  As our next Supreme Court Justice, Joe will always look to the letter of the Constitution as his guide in making any decision. So please sign up to come to our next event… with your support he will win this election!

What if Justices wore their sponsors on their robes like Nascar drivers?

As a Christian Constitutional Conservative, Joe believes that in recent years the Texas Supreme Court has taken a turn that should be impermissible to “We the People.”  Jury verdicts from lower courts are being overturned a staggering 74% of the time and the vast majority of Justices are initially appointed.  Joe believes that in order for Texas’ God-given economic prosperity to continue, the will of Texans must be respected. Joe will be an independent voice of reason on the judiciary, and is thankful that our Founding Fathers left the blueprint to be just that.  Joe pledges to only rule in accordance with the Constitution and his conscience.  Joe will ensure that the freedoms and rights of his fellow Texans to live according to our Christian values will not be infringed.